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As the 179th establishment of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, the Diabetes Association of Korea was established as a non-profit organization in 1995, and has worked for the health, welfare and expansion of the rights of people with diabetes and their families through publications, education sessions, public relations etc. and is promoting various activities for “the prevention and treatment of diabetes.”

Through the use of information, education, public relations, investigation, and research based on the systematic prevention and treatment of diabetes, work towards the subjugation and prevention of diabetes and improve the health welfare of people with diabetes and their families and further, provide the enhancement of the overall health of the Korean people.

Currently, due to the changes in dietary life, lack of exercise, environmental degradation and an aging population etc. the number of diabetics is increasing rapidly and approximately 10% of the total population, around 4,000,000 people are assumed to be diabetics.

Diabetes is difficult to fully heal so that it is a chronic disease, so that a diabetic must manage their diabetes for a lifetime, and in the case that they neglect to manage it, diabetes will lead to serious complication diseases and threaten one’s health and even their life. As a result, the increase in diabetics will not only cause an increase in the total costs of medical treatment for the public and cause a deficit for the country, but it also harms the general welfare of the people, and is becoming a social problem rather than remaining a personal health problem.

Diabetes does not show symptoms at an early stage and does not impede one’s daily life, but it is an illness that is important to continuously manage in order to prevent diabetes complications, which is the primary cause of death. If diabetes were to be managed properly at an early stage, it is then possible to prolong/prevent complications and maintain a healthy life.

The Diabetes Association of Korea is a non-profit organization that has been established in 1995 by the people with diabetes and their families, diabetes specialists, and sponsors in order to inform people with the accurate information concerning diabetes as well as notify diabetics and their families about the right information and education to enhance the health and welfare and protect the rights of diabetics and their families, and further, to enhance the overall welfare and health of the Korean people.